These are just a small sample of the RV and off-grid installations we have done over the years, put here to show you what a T1 Lithium install looks like and to give you an idea of the range of lithium batteries we build.

400Ah @ 12.8V and 720W solar added to existing 240W

Under bed installation in caravan, powering IBIS3 air conditioner, microwave etc.

  • Projecta IP2000 inverter
  • 12 x 60W panels (720W) powering battery through Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 solar regulator
  • 2 x 120W existing solar panels powering battery through Enerdrive 40A DC to DC charger
  • Full T1 Lithium control system

1200Ah @ 25.6V

Solar power for off-grid five-bedroom holiday home housing 5 families in peak season, with 2 fridges, microwave, lights, fans, water pump, evaporative air conditioner.

  • Two paralleled 5kW inverters with built-in solar controller and mains charger
  • 4 x 80A MPPT solar controllers
  • Full T1 Lithium control system

Customer built the trolley for it all.

100Ah @ 12.8V 

Toyota van

  • 4 x 100Ah cells @3.2V in series to give 100Ah @ 12.8V
  • Basic T1 Lithium control system.

Existing equipment:  

  • Wellsee C2460 solar controller

400Ah @ 12.8V

4 x 100Ah cells @ 3.2V connected in parallel to build 4 x 400Ah cells @3.2V, connected in series to build 400Ah @12.8V in the tunnel boot of a Bushtracker caravan.

Existing equipment:

  • 760W solar
  • Enerdrive inverter
  • Mains charger
  • Full T1 Lithium control system

600Ah @ 25.6V off-grid

5.5kW Tindo solar install working independently from mains power and 5kW solar feed-in.

System supplies power for fans, lights and 5 fridges/freezers with auto cutover to 10kVA generator outside of set 'quiet time' only.

By supplementing house power, the customer increased their return on their existing 5kW solar feed-in system and secured power to fridge/freezers during frequent blackouts.

640Ah @ 12.8V

4 x 160Ah cells in parallel to give 640Ah @ 3.2V, four packs in series to give 640Ah @ 12.8V on a slide-out drawer in an Avida Esperance with roof-mounted air conditioner.

17 x 60W (1kW) solar panels on a curved aluminium frame (Avida will only warranty the roof if panels are connected only at the very edge of the roof).

400Ah @ 12.8V

  • Under dinette seat
  • 3000/9000W inverter switched on only when needed
  • Projecta IP2000 inverter on full time
  • Full T1 Lithium control system

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