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If you want to contact us, you can email "info" or "sales" at "".  I'm typing the address this way because I'm over getting dozens of spam emails every day.  I could fix it with a text file, but see below as to why I don't care any more.  Alternatively, feel free to phone us on the number above.


The Ultimate Man Shed

In April 2023 I answered a call just after midnight from a friend telling me that my workshop was on fire.  It was burnt totally and before you ask, no, our lithium batteries did not cause the fire.  They were diagnoally opposite to the fire source, as far away as they could possibly be.  Nothing was charging anyway, as we were going on holiday in two days.  Our motorhome was in the workshop getting an oil change on the night of the fire, so another punch to the gut.  

A fire investigator determined that the fire started in the front main office.  That's as close as he got to determining the cause, though if they wanted to, the insurance company could have brought in equipment to carefully pluck the mezzanine off the ground floor office and then take a closer look.  They decided not to, and now the workshop is gone. 

Any of our customers will tell you it was the most awesome workshop you could imagine, and it's been a quite traumatic time since the fire.  It's not just that our whole routine and income has been interrupted, but every day you remember more things that were in there.

T1 Lithium is still going so that we can support our existing customers, but we won't be doing any new installations - well, no new installations after the 640Ah and solar we put on our next and last motorhome.

It's time for us to hit the road.  See you out there!


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